Intro to Stata


We’ll spend the first day learning about the fundamental building blocks for data analysis and dive into Stata, a statistical software package with powerful data process and analysis capabilities.

Part 1 Goals

  1. Understand the benefits of programming
  2. Develop an organized filing structure
  3. Become familiar with Stata software/ interface
  4. Read a Stata help file and know where to find additional help online

What to remember?

  1. Comment, comment, comment: Keep notes so future you knows what past you was thinking
  2. Don’t repeat yourself: Instead of copying and pasting, create a program (function) to do repeated tasks
  3. Avoid hardcoding when possible: Instead of setting the year to be 2016, create a scalar called year and set it to 2016
  4. Plan ahead: create an outline for what you will do and how your files will be organized before you start coding

Up next…

Now that you are familiar with Stata, you’re now ready to import some data and start using the software to disect and manipulate the data.